Lubbock 19th & Q Digital

This 300 square foot digital is located at the intersection of 19th and Ave. Q at the entrance to downtown Lubbock. It is located across Q from Lubbock Independent School District headquarters and within 2 blocks of the Lubbock County Appraisal District and City of Lubbock offices. Dozens of banks and attorney’s offices within a few blocks of this digital. Gateway to tourism, Lubbock Civic Center, Buddy Holly Depot District and convention hotels and restaurants.



Location: Lubbock, TX

Size 10’x30′

Cars Per Day: 62,000

Latitude/Longitude: 33.578298,-101.855578

Panel #: L032

Ad Duration (Seconds): 10s

Platinum: 60 Spots / Hour (1,440 / Day)

Gold: 30 Spots / Hour (720 / Day)

Silver: 15 Spots / Hour (360 / Day)