Lubbock “Texas Tech” Digital

We refer to this 200 square foot billboard as our Texas Tech Digital! It’s located just two blocks east of the intersection of 19th and University. It reads to a 32,000 Daily Traffic Count plus lots of pedestrian traffic near campus. It’s one mile east of Covenant Hospital and across the street from lots of restaurants including McDonalds, McAlister’s Deli, Burger Barn and in the shadow of the high rise Bank of America building. You’ll notice Texas Tech Athletics using it this season to promote games and ticket sales.



Location: Lubbock, TX

Size 12’x18′

Cars Per Day: 32,000

Latitude/Longitude: 33.578069,-101.867909

Panel #: L044

Ad Duration (Seconds): 10s

Platinum: 60 Spots / Hour (1,440 / Day)

Gold: 30 Spots / Hour (720 / Day)

Silver: 15 Spots / Hour (360 / Day)