San Angelo Digital

This 300 sq ft digital is located on Sherwood Way near Sunset. The unit is in the middle of a heavy retail shopping area and just north of the loop. Readability of this board is enhanced by its “windshield-filling” placement at a height that makes the message really hard to miss.

Strong regional retail stores like
Hastings, Pier 1, Best Buy, Michael’s & Office Depot are nearby. Restaurants in the area include Steak Express, Applebee’s, Dickey’s BBQ, Lin’s Grand Buffet, Logan’s Roadhouse, McAlister’s Deli & Marble Slab Creamery.

The Sunset Mall, All American Chrysler, Jeep, Dodge of San Angelo & Honda of San Angelo are within a 3 block radius of this board.



Location: San Angelo, TX

Size 10’x30′

Cars Per Day: 24,000

Latitude/Longitude: 31.435563,-100.498778

Panel #: TG01

Ad Duration (Seconds): 8s

Platinum: 56 Spots / Hour (1,344 / Day)

Gold: 28 Times / Hour (672 / Day)

Silver: 14 Spots / Hour (336 / Day)