Waco Hewitt Digital

Located at the Busiest intersection of Hewitt, this board can't be missed as it is not only at a red light, but also in the middle of a school zone with slow moving traffic. Hewitt is full of young middle class consumers and home of 5A Midway school district. The board sits at the gateway to the retail and restaurant district and reads to traffic outbound to Waco as well.



Location: Waco, TX

Size 10’x30′

Cars Per Day: 35,500

Latitude/Longitude: 31.476704,-97.203805

Panel #: MC03

Ad Duration (Seconds): 8s

Platinum: 56 Spots / Hour (1,344 / Day)

Gold: 28 Times / Hour (672 / Day)

Silver: 14 Spots / Hour (336 / Day)